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Deaou’s product at the Frontline | Deaou has made a swift response to...
Through monthsof nationwide efforts, China has made great achievements in terms of loweringcase number....



Through months of nationwide efforts, China has made great achievements in terms of lowering case number. As the reopen ...



Deaou has been included in the approvedexportation of medical equipment list published by CCCMHPIE



Deaou has acquired CEcertificate for exportation of COVID-19 testing products.
About Us
DEAOU Biotechnology Ltd. is a national certified high-tech enterprise, founded by a scientist from nation global experts recruitment program in 2008, acting as the leading industrializing company in national 12th, 13th 5-year Infectious Diseases Science Major Project.

       DEAOU has successfully developed over 120 types of testing reagent products and 10 supporting detection instruments based on patented technologies, with applications ranging from infectious diseases diagnostics to food safety testing. Deaou’s products have been deployed to over 600 CDC laboratories at different levels, over 200 infectious diseases designated hospitals, other governmental and third party detection labs......
Guangdong ICP No. 16024184 Guangzhou Deaou Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
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